Augustus Brandt Antiques

Augustus Brandt Antiques in Petworth is a destination antique shop that has been established for more than 25 years. It also creates contemporary reinterpretations of classic antique furniture.

Its website mirrors these exquisite items and is built around a WordPress e-Commerce platform with integrated stock management from the business’ in-store File Maker database. File Maker is not commonly used as a stock management system, and this was the first time we had been asked to integrate with it. Although the process was complex, we created a full specification for both the WordPress import/export routine. We also provided a full technical brief to the company responsible for the maintenance of the system, ensuring a smooth data transfer.

During initial development stages, which included writing a bespoke WordPress plugin from scratch, we discovered some issues with the way data had been entered into the existing File Maker system. These included duplicated products with different prices and titles, incorrect tags and categories, and stretched or squashed photographs. We worked with the client to rectify the issues with the original data and completed our import routine. The client can now run this from the WordPress admin panel, importing product and category data, along with other content.

The site has a full e-Commerce shopping cart facility with standard functionality, like-related products, shipping, VAT calculation and credit card payment. These advanced features are currently disabled until the client has logistics in place to handle online orders. However, the site is ready to leverage this when that opportunity arises.