Chester Boyd

Chester Boyd offers first-class catering experiences for events, whilst possessing an enviable venue portfolio of City of London Livery Halls, as well as other unique and historic locations.

With such prestigious clients, the site needed to exude high levels of quality and professionalism. It also happened to be part of a project covering six company website builds – all to be launched at the same time! The tight schedule was the most complex part of this job, along with the cutting-edge, custom-built JQuery and our in-house custom-built CMS.

The site used, at the time, JQuery, embedded fonts and slick imagery to create a site that had the look and feel of a Flash-based site, with none of the drawbacks associated with Flash builds. This resulted in a fantastic-looking site that is SEO-friendly for Google to index and can be easily updated.

The imagery on the site, including all designs, were not created by totalsurf. We worked with supplied visuals to build the site code to display as our client required.