Fitness Challenge

Another company built a website for Fitness Challenge, which offers personal training and weekly bootcamps to clients. Once the site was built, the Fitness Challenge director, Dylan Lees-Jones, asked us for our professional opinion, as it was not indexed by Google.

Unfortunately, the code was poor. The site had been built using the automatic HTML export function from Adobe PhotoShop. This produced code that – although rendered correctly in the browser – was very poor, using old techniques and code-like HTML tables, which Google would ignore. Text had also been embedded into images, which meant that Google could not read it.

We rebuilt the site entirely from scratch, used good semantic code and supplied a WordPress backend so that Dylan was able to regularly update the site. Within just one week, Dylan’s site was being ranked by Google. Three months later, he approached us for help with SEO.

The SEO budget needed to be utilised effectively as Fitness Challenge is a start-up business, and Dylan was prepared to do some ground work himself. We made suggestions on site structure and its content creation, optimised this and ensured that all code was correctly formatted.

The site is now getting fantastic results from Google, including being in the top slot, number 1 position on many of the target keywords and high up on the page results – usually in the top five – for nearly all other keywords.