Nigel Milne

It was incredibly rewarding when totalsurf worked on high-end jeweller Nigel Milne’s website. We implemented new techniques to make the user experience straightforward, as well as enjoyable.

Our SEO services have ensured that the site has been a massive success for Nigel and his wife, Cherry. These services continue to drive a higher volume of traffic to the site and the shop itself.

We had some superb feedback from a delighted Cherry Milne. “We have had so many positive comments from our customers who, as well as liking the overall appearance of the site, all remark how easy it is to navigate,” she says.

Despite a double-dip recession, the company achieved a 13% increase in turnover, largely due to the SEO.

The imagery on the Nigel Milne site, including all designs, were not designed by totalsurf. We worked with supplied visuals to build the code of the site to display as our client required.