Osprey London

Osprey London is a leading British design house of primarily leather goods. We worked closely with Osprey to build an elegant website with an effortless shopping process.

While the site is straightforward for users, it conceals an incredibly complex back-office system, involving both the Osprey London shop and a store room stock management system from Cegid (which retailers like Ted Baker and Hamleys use). With a custom-built CMS, totalsurf was able to fully integrate the two and ensure that any data in the system was valid.

Since the start of 2014, Osprey has updated its own in-house stock management and billing system to Prima; totalsurf changed the current data import and export system from Cegid to Prima. Our systems are built in a modular and future-proof manner, allowing us to look after and maintain our clients’ sites when required.

Not only have we created a reliable import and export process, but we also have built in numerous error trapping mechanisms; it is not unknown for data to be passed from the back-end with errors due to IT issues. If this occurs, our system alerts us and ensures that products are not sold at incorrect prices, as was the case with the previous website. The site now has a significant base of loyal customers that is continually expanding.

The imagery on the Osprey site was not designed by totalsurf – we worked with supplied visuals to build the site code to display these as our client required.