Waitrose – what a win! We won a tender against two other companies to deliver an online, weekly news magazine site for The Waitrose Chronicle, an in-house publication that has a readership of around 22,000 employees, or Partners.

Very few Partners in the 16-25 age group were picking up the hard copy, so totalsurf was tasked with designing and building a unique web site aimed at this demographic. The site was run through several pilot phases over nine months, before being launched to more than 80,000 Partners in the business.

It has been a great success and is picking up new readers on a weekly basis. Even some existing and more ‘mature’ Partners are logging on, as print budget constraints mean the site has more content compared to the hard copy. It facilitates extra copy, photo galleries and video uploads. We are looking at introducing reader comments, in addition to other exciting features.

We are immensely proud of our work on this site but, unless you meet us, you won’t be able to get past the homepage as you need to be a Partner. Get in touch on 020 7871 2789 and visit us; we can showcase this site, as well as some of our other work.