Major haircare brand Wella needed to be able to distribute, electronically, its marketing and promotional materials in the UK to distributors, salons and partners. The brand’s old, rather problematic, system had involved sending files, which were often too large to send or receive.

We developed a bespoke online delivery system, Wella MyMarketing, based on user profiles and logins. Content depends on the user’s profile, and includes downloadable web and print images in RGB and CMYK formats. Since its launch, the regularly updated site has been hugely successful. Recent additions have included video downloads, meaning that salons can download marketing videos for their in-salon TVs.

The site is only visible to Wella partners (unless you happen to be a Wella MyMarketing user!), so get in touch with us on 020 7871 2789, come visit and we can showcase the site, along with some of our other work.

The imagery on the Wella site including all designs were not designed by totalsurf. We worked with supplied visuals to build the code of the site to display as our client required.