Yarrow Housing

Care home and support organisation Yarrow Housing offers support to people with learning disabilities and acquired brain injury, from those who need 24-hour care to others who only need one or two hours per week. In providing a wide range of services, Yarrow’s focus is on giving value for money so that users can find the right solution for their needs and become less dependent in the long run.

Our partner, Felton Communications, has a long-standing relationship with Yarrow and chose to work with totalsurf on what was a particularly complex website build. It needed to be accessible to users with varying levels of disability, easily updated via CMS and have key features such as an automated matching system. This helps assess a user’s needs and inform both Yarrow and the user themselves of the assistance required, prior to further contact.

Other site features include a job board, where prospective employees can subscribe to email updates. Whenever a job matching their requirements is posted online, they will be informed by email. There is also an integrated newsletter system, which Yarrow uses to send out email marketing to users.

Using our straightforward CMS, Yarrow manages the site in-house, adding and updating content. In fact, the system is so easy to use that Yarrow has rarely had to seek assistance from us.