SEO Audits

How well is my site built?

A question many site owners don’t even ask, as surely, if it looks good, it must be built well? Not neccesarily is the honest answer.

The code that runs your site and presents it to the world (HTML & CSS) can be constructed in many different ways, much like a house. To use a basic analogy; the inside wall of your house looks really good until you have a small leak. The plumber comes and make a hole, looks inside the hole and finds the worse mish mash of pipes he’s ever seen in his life. All looked good from the outside though didn’t it.

Websites are exactly the same. Google expects sites to be coded in certain ways and if they aren’t, it simply gets marked down in the SEO ranking. You could therefore have a site which looks and works really well, but behind the scenes isn’t structured in the right way Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the top search engines expect.

Even well coded sites may be well put together, but not optimised from an SEO perspective. Many of the web developers and designers we work with produce great looking and well coded sites, but they are not SEO experts and openly admit this – hence drafting us in to give them the support they need.

Our SEO audits give a full breakdown of any potential problems a site has and just as importantly, what needs to be done to fix it. There are many tools out there that help with this (try one we use for FREE), but we don’t just send an automated report, we anaylse the site manually, writing a detailed report on how to correct any problems, followed up by a meeting to discuss the best way forward.

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