A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

A dog is for life

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

Everyone will remember that little nugget of advice from numerous RSPCA campaigns over the years, but did you know that SEO isn’t just a one-off quick fix?

If you’re thinking of developing an SEO strategy, please ensure it’s an on-going one. Due to it’s nature, the internet doesn’t stand still and any changes and improvements you make now, could well be in-effective in a month or so due to changes on your site, the way Google works and ranks content, but most likely, because your competitors (who also pay someone to run their SEO campaigns), have seen that you have beaten them in a ranking for one of their keywords and have decided to beat you back!

There seems very little point in running an SEO campaign for 6-12 months and then stopping doing anymore on it – your ranking will not be maintained – you need to constantly update your site, address your strategy and work on your SEO campaign to ensure you remain relevant.

It’s best to think of SEO as an eternal war, one that literally never ends. Within that war though, there are battles and mini-battles which form a part of your SEO campaign and have a finite point, a line in the sand if you will where you can say, that’s done, dusted and we’re on page one!

Just because you won that battle once, doesn’t mean you will stay at the top. If you think of it like a boxing match, your competitors will want a rematch and could well win this time round.

So, prepare, plan and think for the long term.

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