Every website is unique. Yes, there are commonalities between many sites, but your site is personal to you and your business. Why would you want a cookie cutter approach that doesn’t stand out from your competitors?

We are advocates of the WordPress Content Management System and we can do pretty much anything our clients ask using it, from simple brochure based websites to full, multi-million pound e-commerce sites.

Our initial consultancy process involves understanding what you want and expect to achieve with your site, assessing your goals and budget to ensure you get the best value for your money – and sometimes even challenging your preconceptions and offering alternative ways of working that can give you a better return on investment.

Coding Services
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Coding Services / Copywriting / SEO / Web Design
Ampersand Catering
Coding Services / Web Design
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Coding Services / Copywriting / SEO / Web Design
Coding Services / Copywriting / Web Design

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web, and with good reason! Clients regularly ask if we can develop their sites using it – and we can.

There many advantages to this particular CMS, not least all of the plugins available to extend sites created using WordPress. There are more than 36,000 currently available (we keep editing this page all the time as the number keeps going up and up!), and this will only continue to rise.

Plugins are fantastic, as they allow us to extend your site in ways that would take far longer to manually code. Occasionally, however, a plugin does not quite do exactly what you want it to. But we are experts at tweaking a plugin so that you can get optimum performance out of it.

So, with WordPress, not only can we provide you with a modern, fast-paced CMS, but we can also help support it and ensure that it fits like a glove for you.

We are experts in delivering WordPress solutions and have a portfolio of work which proves it.

Some of our WordPress builds are so advanced that they not only integrate with on-line payment gateways like SagePay, WorldPay and PayPal, but they also link into existing shop and stock management systems to ensure that business continues as normal behind the scenes and integrates flawlessly with the website that the general public uses.