The highest SEO in the world!

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We’re so proud of someone, as we’ve helped him get MUCH higher than anyone else in the world!

But this is different, it’s not about Google…

We’re proud to be an official sponsor of Dominic Renshaw from Ad-Extra.com (who happens to be our Google Adwords Partner), in his ascent of the North side of Everest!

This NO mean feat. Ranking people high on Google is much easier than this, so we’re proud to be small part of Dom’s fantastic challenge.

“Why is he doing that?” I hear you ask. Well, apart from being clearly un-hinged, he is doing it to raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance – a very worthy cause and a service that helped save the life of one our our team member’s family.

Please sponsor Dom here, and best of luck mate on your ascent in the next few days!