Unique London Experiences

One of our clients - Elite reTreat Italia offer some incredible Unique London Experiences and we would thoroughly recommend you check out their site for inspiration on special events you can put on to entertain your best clients or even host a special celebration for a private event.As the name gives away, they are experts...
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Browser Trends

At totalsurf we ensure that our websites are compliant with a number of different browsers and operating systems as well as those used on mobile devices.The following table shows browser usage movements from April 2015 to April 2016. Read more

Web Design Trends 2015 & 2016: Fearless Colors

There's no way to design without color - even a strictly black-and-white site has multiple options for hue, contrast, and balance.With the lingering presence of flat design (now flat 2.0), color holds even more prominence in web design today. Rainbows of bright colors span the Internet, attuned for the both the playfully cartoonish style...
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The 10 Big Web Design Trends of 2015

Remember 2015? The Apple Watch, the new iPhone 6S, falling in love with Jurassic Park again. It seems like only yesterday.2015 left its unique style on everything, including web design, which continues adapting this year to mobile browsing overtaking desktop. Based on my own discussions with the design team at UXPin, let's explore the...
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BrowserApril 2015April 2016changerelative
IE (all)18.25%12.13%-6.12%-33.50%