Keyword Research – choosing the right keywords

Keyword Research is the most fundamental part of any planned SEO process and if you haven’t done it, your SEO strategy will not work well for you.

If you just guess what words will work for you, how do you know if they work for you?

Our Keyword Research based on metrics, measurable data. We will work with you to define a full list of the keywords that work well for your business. This is a multi-step process and starts with consulting with you to find out what keywords you think people will find you under. We then tell you what your top five competitors use.

We don’t just help you decide which keywords will be best for you, but we also tell you how many searches are performed each month on Google for each word, that enables you to decide which words are worthwhile for you.

We’ll suggest alternatives words, tell you how competitive they are and who is ranking in the top 20 for them on Google.

Our keyword research is a deep process and an essential one.

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