SEO Training for your team

We’re a Berkshire based SEO agency and we provide in-house SEO training for your business throughout the South-East, London, along the M4 corridor – infact, we’re happy to travel wherever you need us to.

One of our specialisms is in-house SEO training on the technical side of SEO, keyword research and the content creation strategy you need to optimise your site. And of course, how it all pins together.

Our training is bespoke to you

We will devise a training programme whether this is a one-off session or a series of workshops which pin-point exactly what your team needs help with. We include follow up assistance with all our SEO training courses, as it;s frustrating to be taught something and when it’s put in practice, things don’t quite work how it was intended or it doesn’t make sense. Our follow up service is there to alleviate this frustration and ensures that we’re just an email or phone call away to advise on your issues.

The code that runs your site and presents it to the world (HTML & CSS) can be constructed in many different ways, much like a house and if you don’t know how to optimise that in a way that Google expects, it’s unlikely you will be ranked highly.

Your in-house team, whether this falls on the shoulders of one marketing person or a whole team, need to know they are doing the right things which will help your site rank and not penalise it.

Ask about our in-house SEO training

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