Keyword Research

Are you just guessing which keywords are right for your site? Rather than stick a finger in the air, we can provide you with detailed analysis of your market and your competitors.

We’ll give you the volume of searches per month, the competitiveness of the keywords and help you choose keywords that will work for you.

Monthly SEO Packages

We help you rank high on Google by providing you with the help, support and professional tools to make the most of your SEO strategy.

Everything we do is measured, reported and we only use “white-hat” techniques – which is to say, we don’t do anything that Google classes as SPAM or bad practice.

Site SEO Audits

Is your site coded correctly so that Google can rank it highly? Just because a site looks good and works well doesn’t mean that the code displaying the site is what Google is looking for.

Our SEO audits will give you a highly detailed breakdown of what is good and bad about your site’s code and most importantly, how you can fix it.

SEO Boost

Would you like an SEO Boost without the hassle of a monthly contract? We have a range of solutions including our “instant boost” package, rank tracking and pay as you go SEO services.

This is ideal for small companies who want to run their own SEO campaigns but need professional help and monthly reporting to help them make their own changes.

Mobile ranking.

How does your site perform on mobile search?


Google now ranks your site differently on a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone based on the code of your site. Many sites have not considered this and importantly, how a mobile user uses your site.


Speak to us about mobile search.

The latest from our SEO blog

We're not being rude. Really, we're not. It's just something that made us both laugh and be intrigued when we recently performed some keyword research for a client. Our client, Clarissa Hulse is a purveyor of gorgeous home-wares; duvets, cushions, towels, sheets, curtain fabric etc. and poignantly to this blog, pillows....

We're proud to be an official sponsor of Dominic Renshaw from (who happens to be our Google Adwords Partner), in his ascent of the North side of Everest! This NO mean feat. Ranking people high on Google is much easier than this, so we're proud to be small part of Dom's fantastic challenge....

I was at a client's site the other day, training them on their new, amazing WordPress, WooCommerce website we have built them, and I spotted this door. As you can see, they are a rather creative bunch and certainly don't live life in black and white! Come back in a few weeks when we will proudly launch the site and reveal who is it and what we did for them....